Tests & Services 

Tests & Services 

  • Genes Testing

    Knowing what your genetic make-up is allows us to determine what good and compromised genes you have.  Genes can be 'turned on' and 'turned-off'.  Certain factors will trigger these genes such as toxins, food, stress &  lifestyle choices.  Once we know what your gene make-up is we can make certain adjustments to ensure the dangerous genes are not activated.  Eg you may have the 'Alzheimers gene' but what Epigenetics has now taught us is that this does not mean it is set in stone that you will get Alzheimers.  If you follow certain protocols this could in fact be mitigated. 

    Genes testing can be done by ordering and paying online where a kit will be sent out to you and when the analysis is sent back an interpretation report of results will be conducted so you know what needs to be done to keep you in good health.

  • Hair Tests

    Hair tests are a great non-invasive way of assessing environmental and chemical toxicity such as heavy metals, mineral deficiencies,  hormone imbalances and allergies. 

    Contact us to organize a kit to be sent to you, once the analysis has been returned a report will be generated to interpret the results and where possible lifestyle changes could be made to help improve your health and where our licensed Naturopath can give you your options for natural treatments should you choose to have any. 

  • Blood/Urine  Tests

    In some cases Patients may warrant more in-depth analyses if they have a more serious condition or where they have a preference for a blood or urine test to be done.  Urine test kits can be sent out to your home, blood analysis would need to be done through one of our Functional Medicine/Integrative Medicine Doctors.  Appropriate treatment options would be provided to you by the Doctor.  

  • Functional Medicine/Integrative Medical Doctor Services

    These are fully fledged, licensed doctors who are just like your GPs but where they embrace natural options as well so you have the best of all modalities to address your immune disorder or health concern.

    If you aren't getting all the answers you need or results you require following only conventional methods or simply wanting further support with what you are receiving, Functional Medicine/Integrative Medical Doctors are a good option as they are aware of what natural options work with or against current medicines you may be taking. 

    If you wish to book an appointment please click the 'Contact Us' button at the base of this page.  

  • Naturopathy 

    We have a fully-fledged qualified,  licensed Naturopath who has operated in NZ for many years, she can give you all your natural options to balance your health.

    If you would like to book an appointment please contact us through the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page. 

  • Health Kinesiology

    Muscle testing at it's best as it focus's purely on health!  This is a great non-invasive way of determining allergies and body imbalances whilst also providing a way to lower intolerance/allergic reaction levels and also caters for emotional mind/body corrections by tapping into the meridian lines of the body.  There is an understanding with Health Kinesiology that the body knows best what it needs to heal. 

    We have 2 Kinesiologists who are available for booking.  Reach out with your query via the 'Contact Us' button below. 

  • Biological/Holistic Dentistry

    We have two SMART Certified Dentists in New Zealand who are trained and experienced in safe Mercury filling removal and who can use a non-BPA/BPS resin alternative to replace the amalgams safely. Please contact us to find out more if this is of interest to you.   

  • Lifestyle Coaching 

    This typically becomes clear from the assessments done prior, once we know where the body's area of weaknesses are certain dietary, supplemental and lifestyle amends can be addressed.  

  • Hypnotherapy 

    Optionz has 2 highly qualified experienced Hypnotherapists with years of experience who can be tapped if underlying emotional/trauma issues in an individual cannot be addressed on a conscious level.  If you would like to book an appointment please contact us. 

  • Stress Relief/Life Coaching Services

    Optionz has got 2 wonderful highly Certified Life Coaches with years of experience who can help you with your stress levels and capacity to handle life - especially after Covid 19!  Optionz Life Coaches can get you back on track.  For more serious disorders we can refer you to the appropriate Psychologist or Psychiatrist. 

    If you are interested in booking a Life Coaching session please contact us via the 'Contact Us' button below.  Sessions can be conducted both on an off-line depending on location. 

If you are interested in boosting you or your loved one's immunity now either, join the Community to get free information emailed to you or contact us now by clicking the button below.

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