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What are some tips to improve your immunity?

  • Limit inflammatory foods:-

    • Gluten (inflammatory - especially wheat for Corona as that affects the chest.) 

    • Dairy (mucus agent - especially with Corona as it is a mucus building virus)

    • No refined flours – no muffins or cakes

    • Limit sugar, typically have sugar free treats – lollies or 75%+ dark chocolate (very rarely) (Sugar is inflammatory best to stay off it or keep it to a minimum with Corona)

    • Limit processed foods  

    • Don’t cook with any oils only salt free full fat butter on a low heat or with water (heat causes a marked increase in free radicals being released)

    • I never put butter on hot toast  – only once it has cooled.

  • Limit coffee

  • Limit salt – use garlic and herbs for flavours

  • Shoot for a predominantly a Mediterranean organic dietfish (Mercury free), chicken, salads, seeds and vegetables with occasional fruit

  • Use flaxseed oil only / cold pressed olive oil - for salads and soups 

  • I drink a lot of herbal tea!

  • Limit alcohol

  • Try to exercise 3 - 4 times a week 

  • Meditate daily – guided or mindful based meditation.

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